What is Absentee Voting?

Absentee Voting is voting by mail.  This provides a convenient method for casting a ballot when a voter is unable to, or chooses not to attend the polls on election day. 

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1. What is Absentee Voting?
2. What is an Absentee Ballot?
3. I will be out of town or absent on election day, can I still vote?
4. Who is eligible for an Absentee Ballot?
5. How do I apply for or request an Absentee Ballot?
6. When can I request an Absentee Ballot?
7. Can I automatically receive an Absentee Ballot for every election?
8. How can I return my Absentee Ballot?
9. When is the deadline to get an Absentee Ballot
10. When is the deadline to drop off my Absentee Ballot?